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PD Dr. Andreas Behrend



Research Interests:
In-Database Analytic, Big Data, Predictive Reasoning, Monitoring Applications, Data Stream Processing,Graph Databases, temporal data, index structures


For the complete list of my publications please go to Publications. My DBLP list can be found here and my Google scholar citations are listed here.

Professional Activities (for Projects see Research):
04/2017-09/2017 Interim professorship for Algorithms+Applied CS at the University of Wuppertal
04/2016-09/2016 Interim professorship for Big Data Analytics at the University of Halle- Wittenberg
04/2015-09/2015 Interim professorship for IS/DBS at the University of Marburg
10/2014-03/2015 Interim professorship for IS/DBS at the University of Dresden
since 03/2014: Member of FoodNetCenter
since 12/2011: Member of CIDRe
since 10/2010: external appraiser for the INFORM GmbH Aachen (see WorkforcePlus)
02/2014: Reviewer for the NWO Physical Science Divisional Board
02/2010 - 10/2010: external appraiser for the German antitrust agency (report)
08/2010 - 11/2010: research associate at Fraunhofer FKIE

Organization of Conferences and Workshops:
2017 AMSD@ADBIS 2017 together with Dr. C. Lange (Fraunhofer IAIS).
2015 ICRSR 2015@KI2015 together with Prof. W. Reisig  and Dr. H. Voigt.
2012 DEBS 2012 together with Prof. F. Bry, Prof. A. Paschke, Prof. P. Eugster and Prof. C. Fetzer
2012 Synergy 2012 together with Prof. B. Seeger, Prof. W. Lehner, D. Gawlick and Prof. J. Freire
2012 WLP 2012 together with Prof. F. Bry, Prof. M. Hanus and Prof. D. Seipel

Ph.D. Students:

  • Andreas Dohr (since 2017):
    "Operators for Processing Large Sets of Temporal Intervals"
  • Christiane Engels (since 2016):
    "Situation-Based Reasoning for Detecting Anomalies in Dairy Cow Data"
  • Sahar Vahdati (since 2013):
    "Cloud-Services for Maintaining and Analyzing Data About Scientific Publications and Events"
  • Philip Schmiegelt (since 2012):
    "Database System Functionalities for Supporting Situation Awareness"
  • Gereon Schüller (2007 - 2014):
    "Probabilistic Tracking with Database Systems", PhD Thesis University of Bonn 2014.

02/2011: State doctorate in computer science at the University Bonn
11/2004: Ph.D. Thesis, University of Bonn
1995 - 1999: MA study CS and Economics, University of Bonn
1993 - 1994: MA study CS, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
1991 - 1993: BA study CS and Economics, University of Rostock

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